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Uilenkraalsmond, Privately Owned Self-catering Accommodation in one of the best family secure coastal holiday ...

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Gansbaai Caravan Park

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Gansbaai Caravan & Camping:

Camping has been embedded in the Gansbaai tradition since thousands of years ago. You could say it began when the KhoiKhoi set up camp in the hidden caves along the beach of De Kelders and then to the early colonisers pitching tents on the beach. This style of cheap accommodation in Gansbaai offers plenty of options that can satisfy your needs. 

The first step is to choose between the different locations, do you want to pitch tent near the beach or in a forest? The advantage of camping in proximity to the beach is you have the break of the ocean as your night-time lullaby. In summer it is perfect to have the sea a stone’s throw away and in whale season you could walk out onto tens of whales frolicking on your doorstep. 

Then there is the opportunity to have an exclusive camping experience in an ancient forest. To make that choice extra special you can rent a tipi to camp in for a unique holiday, otherwise the options to camp with a tent or caravan are endless. Whatever you choose, it is a great way to touch base with your family as the usual distractions like TV, PlayStation and work are removed. Even doing the chores like washing, cooking and preparing the fire is a great way to reconnect. The old saying that many hands means little work applies here as everyone will still get time to relax. 

Camping is one of those things in life that you either love or you hate. For many, leaving behind the comforts of modern life can be as difficult as pulling a child out of a candy store. For those that can break this bond however, there are many rewards. It is a change from routine that can leave you feeling young again. Surrounded by the beauty and melody of nature there is peace and tranquillity that urban life just cannot offer. Above that there is a strong sense of community as you embrace the exciting challenge of camping together with friends and family. The traditional campfire sessions is always a great way to bond. This ‘camping community’ is ideal for kids as they have the opportunity to run around until their hearts’ content. 

Gansbaai offers so much to do as well! The options are endless as you can partake in activities from walks on the beach and hikes through the fynbos to fishing, quad biking, kayaking, watching magnificent Southern Right Whales, go shark cage diving with the Great Whites, trips to seal island, and bird watching. Besides the exclusive camping trip in the forest, the camping areas are only a short way from the shops and banks in town. The restaurants and bars in town are also very welcoming as the locals embrace all newcomers with open arms and a cold beer. 

What many people disregard about camping is how eco-friendly it is. Households leave a massive carbon footprint and by camping you are actually helping the environment as you immerse yourself in nature. So sleeping under the stars isn’t only good for your peace of mind, it’s also good for Mother Nature.

For families that need a fun and relaxing experience, Gansbaai offers a great camping opportunity where everyone can reconnect and have a great time. So gather all your dusty camping equipment, throw it in the car and get the whole family involved in what promises to be a memorable camping adventure.