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Gansbaai Things to Do

Arts and Culture in Gansbaai

The greater Gansbaai area boasts well-known artists and experts across a broad spectrum - from acclaimed singers and writers to top chefs, sculptors and painters. It is home to singer and Liedjieboer Anton Goosen, the pioneer of Afrikaans rock music;

Local Clubs in Gansbaai

Want to join one of the local clubs in Gansbaai? Want to connect with other people who enjoy the same things you do? Find photography clubs, sport clubs, special intererests and other local Gansbaai clubs. If you dont find the club you looking for th

Events in Gansbaai

Small towns are reliant on themselves for entertainment which means more events and everybody gets involved. Gansbaai is no exception, keeping it as wild and fresh as the surrounding nature. In true South African fashion this little fishermans villag

Golf in Gansbaai

In Gansbaai, golf terms such as birdie, albatross and greens get a totally different meaning when one aspires to score an ace. The Gansbaai Golf Club boasts one of the most scenic courses in the country with an all-round sea view amidst an abundance

Nightlife in Gansbaai

At the end of a long day of exploring our unique little town, pull up a chair and enjoy swapping travel stories with locals. The Gansbaai community is a small one and you are bound to see a familiar face when you venture out to discover the local nig

Outdoor Adventures in Gansbaai

They say time flies when you’re having fun... And in Gansbaai the days will slip away as you embark on thrilling adventures that explore the undiscovered! Gansbaai is fast becoming more and more popular with adventure hungry travellers as the r

Shark Cage Diving in Gansbaai

This is a call to all adventure-seekers! Journey to the tip of Africa, dip your toe in the Atlantic waters, take a dive and stare one of the ocean’s apex predators in the eye… the question is “Do you have what it takes?” Gan

Whale Watching in Gansbaai

Gansbaai is the whale watching mecca of the world. During the months of July to December people from all over the world journey to the shores of Gansbaai to watch the WHALE of a show. It is most certainly one of those unique moments in life when you

Wine Estates in Gansbaai

Who would have expected such decadence to be found around Gansbaai? The environmental extremities of this area did not make a likely candidate to produce fine wine. Yet somehow, the wine connoisseurs of this area have managed to tame the wild climate

Gansbaai Things to Do:

Explore, Experience, Enjoy . . . It's an adventure out there!

Different people come to Gansbaai for different reasons and in different seasons. This unique coast of contrasts and unsurpassed natural beauty never cease to surprise and tantalise the thousands of folks who come to live, play or relax in this untouched Eden.

Nature lovers can pick and choose between a myriad of hiking, biking, 4x4 and horse riding trails on the various beaches and nature reserves in and around Gansbaai with its abundant bird, plant and animal life. The huge variety of rare endemic bird and plant species are any avid birder and botanist's dream.

Extreme outdoor adventurists can embark on kayaking, surfing and dune surfing as well as shark cage diving with the notorious Great Whites. Our "game viewing" trips from boat or plane to watch the Marine Big Five is an international hit - especially between July and December when tens of Southern Right Whales turn our coastal waters into a live stage with their mesmerising antics. 

Sun lovers and fishermen have a wide choice of "sun"sational pristine white beaches, rocky outcrops and rock pools that are perfect for swimming, angling, beach activities and family picnics. The coastline stretches close to 50 km from Die Plaat near De Kelders in the west around Danger Point and Franskraal to Pearly Beach and Buffeljags in the east and is one of the most popular fishing areas in the country.   

Come explore Gansbaai's rich and colourful past at the various heritage sites. The Strandveld Museum and the Danger Point Lighthouse hoard the secrets of the famous HMS Birkenhead trooper and many other ships that met their doom along this rugged coastline. Take a trip down memory lane at the Drupkelders and the Klipgat caves in De Kelders where man's earliest ancestors used to live some 60 000 to 80 000 years ago.

Wine and beer tasting tours to neighbouring farms will whet the appetite for a variety of culinary experiences at the many pubs, coffee shops and restaurants in the area. The best way to end an exciting day is to relax with a glass of the Overberg's own wine at one of the scenic guesthouses or resorts while watching the spectacular sunsets over Walker Bay. 

Whether you want adventure, leisure or romance, a more idyllic venue is hard to find. Come explore the beauty of a conserved coastline where ancient dunes, rocks and caves still guard the secrets of earlier inhabitants like the Khoisan and where endangered species such as the Oystercatcher, Great White Shark and Southern Right Whale still breed and feed in peace.