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Things to Do

The greater Gansbaai area caters for all whims and wants of a diverse local and international community - there are plenty of things to do for everyone!
Small wonder, since few places can boast the same exquisite blend of wild, adrenaline-pumping outdoor adventures and romantic bliss and tranquility under the same clear starlit roof. Different people come to Gansbaai for different reasons and in different seasons. This unique coast of contrasts and unsurpassed natural beauty never cease to surprise and tantalise the thousands of folks who come to live, play or relax in this untouched Eden. Read more

Places to Eat

Eat & drink in Gansbaai

Come and tantalise your eyes and taste buds on the rich diversity of true country cuisine and hospitality in this coastal haven of unsurpassed natural beauty.

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Seafood Restaurants

Gansbaai may be off the beaten track, but when it comes to fresh Seafood there is few and far places that can compare . . . all thanks to the cunning and dedication of local fisherman.

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Gansbaai's Calendar

Coastal folks don't need city lights, baubles and bling - they have spunk and nature to spice up a thing! Gansbaai community upholds a great calender.

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Fees van die Ganse

The event celebrates the origin of Gansbaai, named after the wild Egyptian geese that congregated at the freshwater fountain near the present day harbour.

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Outdoor Adventures

Outdoor Extravaganza

Whether you want extreme eco-adventure, leisure or romance, Gansbaai has it all. A more idyllic venue is hard to find. Make this your playground . . .

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De Kelders Caves

Explore the secret caves under the cliffs and follow the spoor of man's earliest ancestors and discover how Stone Age people lived and loved along our coast some 80 000 years ago. 

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Shark Cage Diving

Shark Diving Operators

Ever looked a Great White Shark in the eye? Or fantasized about gliding through the ocean by holding unto its dorsal fin? Well, if this is on your Bucket List, Gansbaai is...

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About Shark Cage Diving

Getting close and comfy with a Great White Shark in its own surf and turf has been described as THE ultimate adrenalin injection. Sure, it might not be everybody's...

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Whale Watching

Whale Watching Tours

Gansbaai offers arguably the best whale watching in the world! The low cliffs of De Kelders provides unrivalled land-based viewing, while going on a boat will get you up-close and personal.

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About Whale Watching

Watching their antics and joyful escapades along their newborn calves at close range is an exhilarating and enthralling experience not to be missed. The entire coast...

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Arts and Culture

Inspired by the sea

Arts and culture feature high on Gansbaai's social calendar thanks to a creative community who express their individual traits and talents in a magnitude of...

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B'Bos Art Route

The B'Bos Art Route was officially launched in April 2008 and has since become one of the highlights on the Overberg's art and crafts calendar. Three times a year...

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Wine Estates

Wine Makers

The Cape of Storms has unleashed a different kind of storm over the past decade - and this one is not in a teacup, but in a glass. Meet the pioneers.

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Elim Wine Route

There is something decadently divine about sipping and sampling the wines of the newest and southernmost wine route in Africa bordering the stormy, windswept Agulhas coastal plains.

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Marine Big 5

About the Marine Big 5

Africa is world-renowned for its unique wildlife and the famous Big Five . . . but have you met the majestic Marine Big Five yet? 

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Infographic - Introducing the Marine Big 5

Gansbaai is renowned as a hotspot for Great White Sharks, but it holds another treasure. Learn more about our wild celebrities.

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Untouched Beaches

Unexplored Coastal Treasures

Cosily cocooned by sea and mountains, every residential area in Gansbaai has a beach on its doorstep. From the rocky outcrops of Walker Bay in the west to the epic dunes of Pearly Beach in the east, there is literally a “sun”-sational beach for any kind of fun under the sun.

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Gallery - See More of Our Beautiful Beaches

Have a look our collection of images of our beautiful, pristine Beaches.

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Views and Sunsets

A View to Die For

One of the joys that mankind will never tire of, is the brilliance of the sun that revitalises and brings life and beauty - even when it goes to sleep! There is a special magic about sunsets that inspires and awes humankind!

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Gallery - See More Views & Sunsets

Have a look at our collection of spectacular views and sunsets.

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Non Profit Foundations

Organisations in Gansbaai

Gansbaai is a small fishing with a great white heart! There are more than a handfull of community driven projects that make it a transformation icon for South Africa...

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Sustainable Tourism in Gansbaai

People from around the world are encouraged and welcomed to come and discover, take part and learn about the different sustainable initiatives in the area...

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Local Clubs

Health & Wellbeing