A unique shoreline experience, Investigating colourful rock pools, amazing sea creatures, medicinal plants an...

Beachcomber Shoreline Nature Trail

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The recently launched Fynbos Trail is a unique nature experience in the heart of the Cape Floral Kingdom. This...

The Fynbos Trail

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Kayak Junkies operates from the picturesque, coastal town of Gansbaai. We sell plastic single sit on top kayak...

Kayak Junkies

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Welcome to the Funky Fynbos Festival - the festival for the ultimate outdoor enthusiast!...

Funky Fynbos Festival (18 - 20 September 2015)

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While you are on holiday in Gansbaai you can book all your outdoor activities through Gansbaai Adventures, eve...

Gansbaai Adventures

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The Perlemoen Green Flag trails (Pty) Ltd (2015/003348/07), centred around South Africa's famous Great White s...

The Perlemoen Trails

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The Strandveld Hiking Club is a group of nature lovers that hike through the many trails of the Overberg area....

Strandveld Hiking Club (1st Saturday of the Month)

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Come experience our unique Fynbos quad trail with truly majestic views from our own indigenous forest to the g...

Quad Explore

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We offer you an unrivaled experience in our beautiful landscape, enjoying a wide range of outdoor activities a...

Panorama Nature's Haven

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We specialize in fishing in the Gansbaai area....

Samurai Fishing Charters

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Welcome to horseback riding trails in South Africa's Cape Floral Kingdom. In company of horses- In balance wit...

African Horse Company

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Part of the Gansbaai MTB Race Route has been opened to the public! Get ready for an adventure!...

Gansbaai MTB Routes

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The trail follows the same dramatic route as the original but the unique nature experience and unmatched value...

Beachcomber's Perlemoen Trail

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African Wings Flights

We all want to believe we can fly . . . but it's easier with a little help from a friend! Soar the skies with ...

African Wings Flights

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Imagine yourself enjoying sundowners while experiencing the beauty of the Gansbaai coastline......


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Outdoor Adventures in Gansbaai:

They say time flies when you’re having fun... And in Gansbaai the days will slip away as you embark on thrilling adventures that explore the undiscovered! Gansbaai is fast becoming more and more popular with adventure hungry travellers as the rich landscapes and abundant oceans provide endless hours of fun!

Outdoor activities for every day of the week are hidden within the beauty of the land and will make you really appreciate nature at its finest. The nearby area is home to forests, an array of wildlife species and of course, the famous Great White Shark. And though most would expect this to be a small quiet fishing village, we've got news for you! Located at the foot of a mountain and surrounded by ocean, the thrills are closer than you think.

Take a scenic flight to survey the area and spot the Southern Right Whales as they make their way to their breeding grounds. Let your gaze follow the outstretched beaches that surround the small town and get swept up in the view of soaring seagulls. The penguins of Dyer Island along with their toothy rivals can be spotted and if you're extremely lucky you might even spot the entire Marine Big 5!

The abundance of fish in the area is no doubt the reason why so many wildlife species and original settlers chose this area. In other words, Gansbaai owes its very existence to the surrounding bounty of the sea. The town is famous for its angling and the local fishermen are some of the best in the area. And while some see it only as a hobby, why not battle it out with the big boys and try to catch your own lunch. Our oceans are bursting with yellowtail, elf, mackerel, cob and Cape Salmon. Along the way, they might even divulge a secret angling spot or two. Otherwise you can rely on the knowledge of our fishing charters and spend the day with them, either with a group of friends or family.

For a different perspective rather take the scenic route closer to land and kayak along the coastline. Glide up next to a Southern Right Whale or just view the coast from their vantage point. If river kayaking is more to your liking, try the Klein River in the neighbouring village of Stanford.

In Gansbaai bird watching is also fast becoming a popular past-time. The rich vegetation and natural environment provides the perfect habitat for various species of birds, big and small. All along the beaches you can spot endangered Black Oystercatchers, Giant Petrel and local seagulls overhead. Buried in the diversity of the protected fynbos are the different sunbirds, sugarbirds and many crawling species. Out in the fields you may spot the well-camouflaged buzzards, Blue Crane and African Fish Eagle. And finally venture out to Dyer Island to watch the playful yet noisy African Penguins.

If you're ready for some exercise, then grab your hiking boots and follow us into the bush. A large selection of guided and unguided walking and hiking trails are available for the late afternoon stroll or a brisk morning march. For those in the mood for a challenge, follow us into fynbos country. Explore the rolling hills while learning all about the diverse and unique species found in the colourful area on this exciting excursion. 

Thrill seekers might want to get down and dirty and we have just the thing! Rather travel by quad bike, exploring fynbos vegetation and scaling Mount Dyer. Guided 4x4 trails also run through the Uilenkraalmond and Walker Bay reserves and all along our beautiful white sandy beaches.

For a slightly more intimate and less noisy experience why not explore the beauty of nature on horseback? Follow in the (hoof) steps of the early colonisers and gallop in the shallow waves of the deep blue. Take a steady walk through the fields, over the sand dunes or simply get your chance to ride off into the sunset.

Large parts of the region are under conservation and thus remain virtually untouched, but we encourage exploration. Become familiar with the Marine Big 5, learn all the different traditional medicinal uses for our local indigenous plants, but mostly just breath in that fresh air.

They also say the sky's the limit, but not for us! Oceans deep or mountain high, we bring the adrenaline junky out in everyone! So what are you waiting for - Get out there!