A unique shoreline experience, Investigating colourful rock pools, amazing sea creatures, medicinal plants an...

Beachcomber Shoreline Nature Trail

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The recently launched Fynbos Trail is a unique nature experience in the heart of the Cape Floral Kingdom. This...

The Fynbos Trail

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Welcome to the Funky Fynbos Festival - the festival for the ultimate outdoor enthusiast!...

Funky Fynbos Festival (18 - 20 September 2015)

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The Perlemoen Green Flag trails (Pty) Ltd (2015/003348/07), centred around South Africa's famous Great White s...

The Perlemoen Trails

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The Strandveld Hiking Club is a group of nature lovers that hike through the many trails of the Overberg area....

Strandveld Hiking Club (1st Saturday of the Month)

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The trail follows the same dramatic route as the original but the unique nature experience and unmatched value...

Beachcomber's Perlemoen Trail

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Imagine yourself enjoying sundowners while experiencing the beauty of the Gansbaai coastline......


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Hiking Trails in Gansbaai:

From leaving your footprints in the sand to walking through fynbos unique to this small part of the world, Gansbaai has all the quintessential elements to make an excellent hiking experience

Hikers possess that drive to explore and see the world from a new angle whilst challenging their body simultaneously. It’s what keeps them trekking on as their feet take them to new ventures, new heights and places yet unknown. There is little more gratifying than hiking up a mountain only to taste the sweet victory and see the epic view. Gansbaai offers this type of excursion and more. Whether people hike purely for the exercise, the beauty, the education or the fresh air, they can find it around Gansbaai.

People of all ages, varying experience and different fitness levels can take part by deciding on the appropriate route. There is also the choice between a guided or unguided hike. For those who prefer to wing it on their own time there are many unguided trails available. People can stretch their legs and soak up the crisp air trekking up a mountain, strolling along the beach or just venturing into the lush expanse of fynbos.

A guided tour will entail a committed member of the community sharing knowledge of this very unique flora and taking you along some of the best routes. The excursion can be a short trip or can last several days, the latter encompass the different landscapes, organised accommodation and meals. This excursion is an exercise for the mind and body as people soak in the exquisite views. 

The greatest allure to taking a guided tour is to learn more about the surrounding area. This will be one of the most invigorating flower expeditions ever as a large part of the fynbos in this region is unique to South Africa (let alone the world!). It is amazing learning about the different types of flora, how they survive and their medicinal properties. A guided trip on the beach involves the soft sand between your toes and learning about the different marine ecosystems.

Swinging from the dangling branches of the Milkwood forest or climbing the mountain tops to view the contoured Overberg Mountains, expansive Atlantic Ocean, continuous fynbos and the Walker Bay sand dunes are all amazing experiences. 

From the months of July to December Gansbaai becomes home to some of the greatest mammals in the ocean, the Southern Right Whales. As they play and frolic in the waters it makes for one of the most amazing sights ever. The Walker Bay coastal hike along the rocky edge is one of the most popular trails as people can view these colossal animals from the land.

No matter what walk of life you're from, this walk through life will be an unforgettable one.