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Gansbaai Municipality

Overstrand and its Wards


Welcome to the Overstrand

The Overstrand and its unique offerings of the ultimate experience in land-based whale watching and shark cage-diving, pristine Blue Flag beaches, excellent wine industry and top-class restaurants and accommodation make the Cape Whale Coast a “must do” for tourists… and an ideal place to work and live in for all who call it home.

In the background, though, a top performer—Overstrand Municipality—labours relentlessly to ensure this treasure trove’s clockwork ticks over smoothly. Providing municipal services to an area exceeding 1708 km2 with a population well in excess of the estimated 74500 souls is no easy feat, as the 25-strong Council and personnel corps of around 1100 can attest to.

A Little Background

Originally South Africa consisted of about 700 different municipalities until December 2000. It was then decided to unite the municipalities and its people and the final count tallied at 284. This was a country wide decision for the greater good. It allowed the different communities to pool their resources and share their expertise.

For the Gansbaai Municipality this was excellent news as it includes the different wards of the 13 in the area. Members of the combined community could now step forward with adequate knowledge and helpful hands. Together they formed one sustainable entity that could tackle bigger obstacles with necessary strength.

The future plans for Gansbaai is to be an active and growing part of the Tourism, Agriculture and Aquaculture Industry and Commercial Activities in the Overberg area. They have a head start as the Gansbaai Municipality has been involved in various housing and upliftment projects in the last few months: